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Worm Farm - Urbalive

Worm Farm - Urbalive

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Urbalive Worm Farm


The Urbalive Worm Farm efficiently houses Californian Earthworms to compost organic kitchen waste; however, earthworms are not a requirement. This trendy product can be used to repurpose food waste in homes, schools, or workplaces. It features composting layers, a bin to collect liquid worm tea, and a secure lid. Worm tea is a nutrient-dense liquid fertilizer that shields plants from pests and encourages growth. Composting with worms is practical all year-round; just make sure to keep temperature and moisture optimal (20°C/68°F and plenty of moisture). In summer, avoid direct sunlight to prevent overheating and water evaporation. Suitable compostables include tea-bags, coffee grounds, fruit/vegetable peels, eggshells, and moist cardboard. Urbalive recommends avoiding spicy foods, citrus fruits, milk, meat, fat, and oils. The Urbalive Worm Farm offers year-round composting and fertilizer production with its efficient design and easy-to-follow instructions. With its secure lid and composting layers, you can make sure that everything from tea-bags to eggshells are repurposed in the best way. Enjoy plant growth and protection from pests all while giving back to nature without the hassle of complicated set up. Experience the benefits of composting with no prior knowledge needed! Urbalive’s easy-to-follow instructions make it a breeze to begin your journey towards an environmentally friendly, sustainable lifestyle.



  • Great for Indoor Use
  • Modern Style
  • 2 Trays for composting kitchen scraps
  • Easy to use
  • Locking lid to keep worms in bin
  • Easy operation drain valve for collecting "tea"



Weight 6.65kg
Height 60.5cm
Width 50.5cm
Depth 38cm
Brand Urbalive
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