Online Grow Course for Beginners

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Beginners Grow Course

Weed, zol, pot, marijuana, ganja, doja, cannabis - the plant has many names, and with the recent decriminalisation in South Africa making it legal to grow, there is no better time to start learning. 

Whether it be for medicinal, recreational or commercial reasons this course will teach you all the basics to begin your journey with this plant.  

The class is held via a ZOOM meeting with our head grower. 

Class size: 8 people per session (you get to feel special)

Class length: 2 hours, with additional time for questions and discussion at the end of the class.

We will contact you before the course date to discuss how we can help you best! 

Topics covered:

  1. How to stay within the law 
  2. Introduction to cannabis 
  3. Cannabis anatomy 
  4. Stages of growth 
  5. Growing Indoors 
  6. Growing Outdoors 
  7. Cannabis seeds and clones
  8. Plant care and nutrients 
  9. THC and CBD
  10. How to harvest
  11. Common plant problems and how to solve them 
  12. Soil vs Hydroponics

What you will get:

1 x eBook with all topics discussed in the class 

1 x Certificate (to show off to your buddies) 


Once you have completed your purchase you will be sent a ZOOM link via email. Please join the link 5 minutes before the class begins.


Please note that this is the only time your teacher will ever permit smoking in class.