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old pressed plant oil blend for pests

A custom blend of 7 different essential oils and canola oil


Weekly preventative spray: 3-5ml per litre of water

Extra strength knock down spray: 6-10ml per litre of water


  • Spray once a week at sunset or when lights are off. An emulsifier like our Dirty Hands liquid castile soap must be used to emulsify (mix) the oil and water together.
  • For high pest pressure spray with a 3 day waiting period between sprays until pest pressure is reduced then continue with a once a week preventative/maintenance spray.
  • Use warm water to help the emulsification process. To help mix the oil and water premix the oil, emulsifier and a small amount of water (approx 300ml) together in a protein shaker before emptying into the larger spray tank which contains the bulk/remainder of the water. The protein shaker will help thoroughly mix the oil, emulsifier and water before it is added to the bulk of the water.
  • Spray the top side of leaves with a light to moderate spray and the underneath of leaves with a heavy spray especially for pests that live there such as spidermites and aphids.
  • For cannabis plants use only in the vegetative phase and up until the 4th week of the flower phase.
  • Phytotoxicity may occur on sensitive cultivars when using the full strength dilution rates and if the interval between sprays is too short.
  • Phytotoxicity may occurring on sensitive cultivars when using the full strength dilution rates on plants under high intensity artificial lighting, it is therefore advisable to set lights on dim the day after spraying and slowly increase light intensity.
  • Do not prune or defoliate 2-3 days after spraying.
  • Do NOT use with any other products other than those specified by Dirty Hands
  • Do not use soon after sulphur sprays, allow at least 1 – 2 weeks and preferably spray the plant with a mild natural soap like Dirty Hands Castile soap to wash any residual sulphur off before using Vanquish.
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