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V12 Finish

V12 Finish

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V12 Finish 

Nutrition tailored to the reproductive growth phase. V12 Finish is a unique blend of specific minerals and amino acids designed to support the crop during the final stages of reproductive growth. 

Why use V12 Finish?

  • Potassium and phosphorus in V12 Finish assists fruit formation, ensuring maximum yield potential is achieved.
  • Bio stimulation of the reproductive phase results in better fruit, colouring and shelf-life.

General Application Method

  • Varies very specifically according to crop. Please refer to label for application intervals.
  • Deciduous Fruit: 5-12 L/ha (min. 1:200)
  • Grapes: 5-10 L/ha (min. 1:100)
  • Subtropical fruit and citrus: 6-12 L/ha (min. 1:200)
  • Potatoes: 5-10 L/ha (min. 1:40)
  • Vegetables: 4-8 L/ha (min. 1:40)


Content: Trytophan + Kelp + Nutrients 

Application method: Foliar application 

Crops: All crops 

Formulation Type: Liquid 

Standard Dosage: As per label 

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