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Tumble Bud Trimmer 16-inch

Tumble Bud Trimmer 16-inch

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Tumble Bud Trimmer

While many growers trim by hand, bud trimmer machines are becoming more popular. High-quality tools can speed up the process while still producing good buds.

Many small-scale growers depend on this 16-inch Tumble Bud Trimmer when they need to quickly and precisely trim a batch.

The manual crank is easy to operate, and the clear dome helps with accuracy. You can use it for wet or dry trims thanks to the wide variety of blades. Each cutter is equivalent to 30 scissors, so you can be assured you will get a good trim.


  • Can do the same amount of work as 30 scissors
  • 1 four-edged stainless steel straight blade
  • 1 serrated blade
  • 2 x-blades


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