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T Connector 12mm to 5mm

T Connector 12mm to 5mm

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T Connector 12mm to 5mm

T Connector 12mm to 5mm will be needed when extending AutoPot Units.

These connectors are perfect for reducing 12mm pipe down to 5mm pipe, when using large systems. They are inserted in-line at the point where an AQUAvalve or aquaPot is positioned. They provide a water tight connection unlike many other types of reduction fittings.  They work in exactly the same way as the Cross Connector 12mm to 5mm but this fitting (T Connector 12mm to 5mm) has one connection for 5mm pipe whereas the cross connector provides two connections for 5mm pipe.

The wide range of AutoPot fittings cater for every gardening scenario and need. Whether waterbutt connection, extending your system, pipework or filters, we have a fitting for every alteration or horticultural situation. Our fitting range ensures maximum efficiency and simple success with your irrigation system. AutoPot watering systems are modular, so can be infinitely extended using our fittings you can simply just add more pots as you require them.

High quality parts for extending the AutoPot range, or for use in any homemade irrigation system.

AutoPot are specialists in self-watering systems, with emphasis being strongly placed on efficiency and preservation. AutoPot delivers products that are considered the most environmentally friendly watering systems in the world to both domestic, hydroponic and commercial markets. Our systems ensure this claim as the plant uses everything that is supplied to it; there is no loss of water, run-off or leakage!

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