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Soil Thermometer

Soil Thermometer

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Soil Thermometer

The Garland Soil Thermometer is an ideal thermometer to ensure the correct temperature for growing in soil or Coco Peat. Ideal for monitoring soil and compost temperatures prior to planting.
Insert the Garland Soil Thermometer stem into growing medium.

This thermometer is frequently used in the agriculture and horticulture industries to check temperatures of soil and compost. The soil thermometer has a green knob at the top to assist with the location of the thermometer after placement.

Ideal Soil Temperature: 18C – 24C


  • Material: High quality aluminium case.
  • Glass Tube: Kerosene filled
  • Reading: Celsius / Fahrenheit
  • Range: Celsius: -10-110
  • Size:  21cm in length and 2cm wide
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