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Small Oscillating Grip/Clip Fan (6”/150mm)

Small Oscillating Grip/Clip Fan (6”/150mm)

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This clip fan is actually designed especially for grow tents. This particular model 6 Inch Clip on Oscillating Fan is designed to clip onto vertical grow tent poles with a diameter between 0.59 and 1 inch, which makes it the perfect choice for pretty much every grow tent out there.

The clip of this fan is made to be very tight and secure, so it does not slide down the poles in the grow tent. Once you mount it, it should have no problems staying in place.

This fan does have 2 different speeds, so you can accurately adjust the airflow based on the needs of your plants. Moreover, this model also allows for a 90 degree horizontal and 120 vertical oscillating range, which is actually quite impressive.

You can direct the fan as you see fit, or you can turn on the oscillation feature as well. This is a pretty durable and secure fan, one that also happens to be fairly quiet too, so it won’t disturb anybody.

It might look like a really simple clip fan for grow tents, which it is, but it works just fine.


Warranty info: Please note that this item does carry a standard 1 year electrical warranty. However this is an electrical warranty only, and does not cover mechanical damage. Oscillating fans run using a gear, and this gear can be easily stripped if the fan has an obstruction whilst rotating. 


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