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Large Self Watering Planter Berberis - Trio

Large Self Watering Planter Berberis - Trio

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Self Watering Planter Berberis - Trio


Plastia  presents a large self watering planter Berberis. This modern and ingenious solution was introduced by a young Czech design studio WRKS. Berberis planter comes in 3 size variants – Uno (consists of one pot), Duo (two separated pots) and Trio (three separated pots).

Handling is easy as all the variants are equipped with wheels, handles and holes for fixing a prop to support the plants.

Don't worry about the proper way of watering, Berberis has a large water reservoir with level indicator, smart spillway and watering gap. Your plants will grow in Berberis superbly.

Berberis is designed to make plant care easy, with features like a large water reservoir with a level indicator and smart spillway. With this self-watering planter, your plants will thrive with minimal effort.

Let's live in harmony with nature ! Let's grow our own vegetables and beautiful plants on our balconies and terraces. Let's enjoy green cities!


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