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Seedling Heat Mat + Thermostat Kit (25x53cm)

Seedling Heat Mat + Thermostat Kit (25x53cm)

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The Seedling Heat Mat & Thermostat Kit (25x53cm) is the perfect kit for regulating and controlling your temperature for optimal seedling growth.

A heating Pad will ensure that your seeds have a constant steady temperature. This results in faster and even germination. Chillies, peppers, sweet peas and many more needs about 15°C to germinate. If your home is cold, or you have an unheated greenhouse, then it will heat just the seed trays, and you won't face a bill for heating the whole room. It also allows you to extend the sowing season. They can be used to help cuttings strike, and you can utilise the mats to overwinter tender specimens.

The heating mat thermostat is compatible with all heat mats and is an optional accessory for your seedling mats. The thermostat controls the temperature of the heat mat evenly in colder or warmer than normal environments. The heating mat thermostat provides constant optimum temperatures for specific plants. Extend your growing period by making your plants think it is still summer.

Please Note: Plugs are non-South African standard plugs and will require an international plug adapter to use.

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