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Seedling Heat Mat

Seedling Heat Mat

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Seedling Heat Mat

Get a head start on the growing season. Propagate plants indoors even in the coldest seasons. A heating mat ensures successful germination and better plant growth.

Key Features

  • Warms root area 10 to 20 degrees over ambient temperature. Maintains the sweet-spot temperature.
  • Increases the success of seedlings and cuttings.
  • Waterproof and durable
  • Easy to clean.

How to use

  • Locate a flat dry surface of suitable size for your heating mat. Avoid cold surfaces as they will counteract the heating capability of the heat mat.
  • Plug the heat mat's electrical cable in to the 220-volt outlet.
  • Place a propagation tray or other plant container on the heating mat.
  • For best results, cover seedlings/cuttings with a humidity dome.


  • 3 Sizes available: 25cm x 50cm; 50cm x 50cm; 120cm x 50cm
  • Wattage: 18W; 45W; 105W
  • Temperature: 68-108°F / 20-42°C
  • EU Standard Adapter
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