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Rooting/Cloning Gel 90ml

Rooting/Cloning Gel 90ml

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Cloning gels are the most popular, effective, and modern type of rooting hormone to use for the growth of your plant. Gels are often the first choice of growers because of how useful it is during the rooting process. 

How to use Cloning/ Rooting Gel?

Put some gel on a plate, a bowl or a container. Then dip the cutting in the cloning gel. With the gel being sticky, the solution adheres to the cutting that no other things needed to be done. Next, just put the cut stem in moist soil or into whichever grow medium you are using.

Coat the cut stems with rooting gel. It protects the cut and provides the plant with the nutrients and hormones it needs.  After placing the cuttings into the soil or rooting cubes, you have to keep them wet for the first few days. Since the cuttings don’t have roots, they will be drinking and eating from their leaves. Keep it very moist and keep the humidity level from about 80% to 90%.

Acidic soil pH is excellent for clones that have to grow roots.  At this phase, there’s no need for strong lamps as the clones cannot take too much light or heat. You can warm the rooting cubes or soil using a light or heating mat underneath.


-50ml bottle



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