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ROOT!T Cutting Mist

ROOT!T Cutting Mist

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ROOT!T Cutting Mist will improve the success rate of your cuttings and clones. The Cutting Mist contains a balanced vitamin and mineral blend to support successful cutting and cloning development.

Ideal for use on plants that have a soft and semi-hardwood texture 


  • Greatly improve your success rates with cuttings and clones.
  • Supplied in a spray bottle for easy application.
  • Contains a balanced vitamin and mineral blend.
  • For optimum results use with a cloning gel.
  • A handy tonic to have in case cuttings become unwell.
  • Can be used to aid the germination of seeds.

How to use ROOT!T Cutting Mist

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Spray leaves lightly with an even mist until coating is just visible

Pre-treat donor plants 2-3 days before taking a cutting.                                    

Continue to treat cuttings for the following 3 days. 

Use to spray seeds for quicker germination.

Take care not to inhale and always spray away from you

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