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RAW Cone Loader – 6 Shooter

RAW Cone Loader – 6 Shooter

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RAW Cone Loader – 6 Shooter

From the onset of their journey, RAW set out to be the leader of the pack in the rolling paper industry. This company’s brand is all about being bold authentic and unapologetic. For this all stands for being rawthentic! This idea carries from their brand image and into their products. They only produce products that  “enhance your smoking experience“. From your most basic of paper products to accessories and machines that take the whole experience into the next level of ease.  What’s more is that RAW prides itself on producing are quality, eco-friendly products, with no additives, GMOs, or chlorine.

RAW continues to innovate and revolutionise the smoking experience of all its customers. We can see this with its latest innovative product, the RAW Cone Loader – 6 Shooter. When bought with RAW’s range of pre-rolled cones, rolling has never been easier. With 6 barrels, you can fill up to six cones at once. First, be sure to remove the cap and the removable plate. Once open, inserted insert up to 6 pre-rolled cones in the empty slots. If you need all six slots, start off by removing the pin first. Then, once you can see all of the slots, place the pin back in its slot so as to avoid anything getting stuck in that slot.

Next, place your smoke of choice over the exposed slots. Then, close the top off and give the loader a few taps to settle the herb into the cone. When complete, flip the loader and remove the bottom cover. This will expose the bottom of the cones. From there, you can push the cones down, which will help release them from the slots. Then, feel free to flip it back around. Remove your cones and you are good to go!

Like with all products, be sure to wash, rinse and dry occasionally. Make sure the product has completely dried before re-using.

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