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Pulse One Smart Environmental Monitor

Pulse One Smart Environmental Monitor

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Pulse One Smart Environmental Monitor



Three steps to your connected grow.

What Pulse Measures:

1. Temperature: Your plants need consistent temperature for maximum yields.

2. Humidity: Ideal RH promotes the absorption of nutrients and plant health.

3. VPD: Maintain the correct VPD for optimal nutrient uptake.

4. Light: Ensure that your daylight hours match your stage of growth.

5. Dew Point: Dew point is the key to avoiding condensation and preventing mold. 

Introducing your smart grow room monitor.

Tracked Parameters

Relative Humidity 
Vapor Pressure Deficit
Light Intensity 
Dew Point
Connectivity Issues 
Power Outages

How It Works

  • Remote monitoring
  • Reliable notifications on pulse app
  • Valuable insights
  • Simple setup
  • Measure temperature, humidity, VPD, light and dew point
  • Wireless with robust security
  • Battery or wall powered



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