Pro-Leaf CO2 Controller (PPM- B1)

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Pro-Leaf CO2 Controller (PPM- B1)


The Pro-Leaf CO2 Controller (PPM-B1) is a digital CO2 controller that provides simple and precise control of a 220/240-volt CO2-generating device, such as CO2 Canisters with CO2 Regulators or Burners that use LP gas to generate CO2.

This controller has adjustable set points ranging from 400-2000 parts per million with an accuracy of +/-100 PPM and an adjustable deadband. A deadband can be compared to a sensitivity setting, where the device will stay OFF until the variance between the desired CO2 level and the actual CO2 level exceeds the deadband value.

A remote sensor, with 4.5m cable, accurately monitors you grow space’s PPM levels and relays this information to the controller for display in real-time.

An integrated photocell automatically disables the unit during the plants’ night cycle, when the grow-lights are off, as plants do not take up CO2 during their night cycle.



  • A plug-and-play solution that monitors CO2 concentrations in your grow room.
  • Automatically releases CO2 when needed in order to achieve optimal levels.
  • Helps to maximize photosynthesis rates, for faster growth and bigger yields.
  • Allows you to choose settings between 400ppm and 2000ppm.
  • Very easy to program, with a clear display.
  • Comes with a built-in photocell to check for dark periods.
  • Doesn’t waste CO2 – only doses when necessary.
  • Supplied with parts needed to mount the controller to a wall and also to hang the sensor.
  • Teams up nicely with Autopilot CO2 Generators or the Dimlux CO2 Regulator.
  • Also features a CO2 DOWN mode, if used to expel excess CO2 buildup.
  • PLEASE NOTE: This unit comes with male and female earthed 2-pin plugs, so plug adaptors will be required for operation. ( Not included )
  • Max Current: 10 amps.
  • Sensor Cord Length: 4.5m
  • Control Range: 400ppm to 2000ppm.
  • CO2 Accuracy: 100ppm.
  • Weight: 1kg