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PLANT!T Square Base DirtPots Fabric Plant Pots

PLANT!T Square Base DirtPots Fabric Plant Pots

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With the unique micro porous fabric that has been specially developed for the PLANT!T Dirt Pot, when the roots hit the side they will try to grow through the materials and not circle around it. As the root grows through and reaches the air, it is pruned and stops growing. It will now focus on sending out many secondary roots from the pruned root. These secondary roots will then also grow through the pot and be pruned and the same things happens again. Due to its breathable nature, it is important to keep the media moist. If the media dries out then the fabric can come away from the media. This then leads to a space opening up between the media and the fabric where water can drop down the sides and can cause a dehydrated plant. It is recommended that you irrigate the top with a Plant!t Watering Ring or drippers. The planters have reinforced seams and strength-tested fabric so they will not tear when supporting even the heaviest crop.

Note: 26L Square Base Dirt Pot has handles incorporated into the design. Comes with cane support loops. Plant not included

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