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Perlite - 100L

Perlite - 100L

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Perlite - 100L

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  • Type 2: Coarse (1 - 8mm)
  • Unique, naturally occurring mineral used extensively as a horticultural growing medium.
  • Increased fertilizer efficiency, which improves plant health and growth.
  • Promotes water drainage whilst still retaining ideal moisture content.
  • Maintains optimal aeration of soil.
  • Free of weeds and pathogenic microbes.


pdf_IconISO Certificate (2,012 KB)

pdf_IconHalaal Certificate -[Halaal Certificate] (730 KB)

pdf_IconPerlite Institute Certificate - [Perlite Institute Membership Certificate] (94 KB)


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pdf_Icon Growlite - Safety Data Sheet (288 KB)

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