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Odour Neutraliser Cherry Burst Gel

Odour Neutraliser Cherry Burst Gel

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Odour Neutraliser Cherry Burst Gel 

This gel based product is ideal for larger room applications due to its controlled release formula, which offers a constant treatment of odours over a longer time frame.

Simply place in your target area and take off the lid.

The product effectiveness can be speeded up with the use of a fan to blow air over the product. This will aid the agent deployment into the atmosphere of the room, but will use up the product quicker, so regulation is needed depending on room size.

The product can also be decanted to have small amounts around a room, avoiding the need for a fan. 

Please Note: to keep the gel working at its best, make sure you shake the product before use and every other day to allow the neutralising agent to fully mix with the gel. Ideal for home or office use and is pet safe.

Use the odour neutralizing block for smaller areas.

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