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Nanolux 1000W DSP Unit 220V

Nanolux 1000W DSP Unit 220V

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Nanolux 1000W DSP Unit 220V

The Nanolux Summit series is a modular lighting system that allows growers to invest in a lighting fixture that can be utilized in many different applications. The backbone of the Summit system is the Summit ballast, which is the first ballast that operates a range of lamp styles and wattages with the correct lamp voltage, operation frequency and strike voltage. The Summit series is perfect as a fully-fledged indoor grow light or as supplemental lighting in a greenhouse environment. 

Key Features of the Summit Series 

  • Operates all DE lamps between 600W-1000W (HPS, MH, CMH) 

  • 6 types of lamps are compatible the Summit Series:  HPS 1000W, HPS 600W, MH 1000W, MH 600W, CMH 1000W and CMH 630W 

  • Full digital circuit ballast with maximum efficiency up to 95%: Pure aluminium alloy material is applied to help dissipate heat. Height and number of crenate coolers (heat dissipation) are calculated accurately by thermodynamically technology. Products undergo rigorous testing to keep long-term safety and stability. 

  • Soft start and random start technology guarantee that it will not cause a burden on the grid when multiple lights are plugged into the same power grid. 

Key Benefits of the Summit Series 

  • Multiple bulbs mean multiple spectrums anywhere, anytime: Checkerboard lighting layouts are a common theme in my many grow rooms across the world. We have done a few HPS/CMH checkerboard layouts for clients in South Africa, and they are witnessing great results. 
  • Long lifespan: Each individual ballast can give you ‚âß50,000hrs, which is approximately 6 years!  
  • NCCS - Your smart control system: Nanolux Cloud Control System provides precise control for all devices in a grow room through its simple and intuitive APP. At the heart of it is a software program which allows you to specify all the parameters of your lighting and environmental control settings in your grow room. 
  • The unique warranty key saves your repair costs: For any problem during machine operation, return the key and we can easily judge the problem before any replacement decision. 
  • Reflector utilizes special material to achieve 97% reflectivity: It’s convenient and easy for users to remove and clean, making it easier to maintain the reflector. This design achieves highest efficiency of lighting. Reflector can enhance deeper penetration, which enables even radiation and guarantees the best angle for planting illumination area. 
  • Ceramic socket with better insulation & non-flammability: Alumina 95 ceramics with better hardness, high temperature and pressure resistance and non-flammability is applied for the socket that matches Nanolux patented design. The unique structure design is convenient and easy for users to replace and maintain the lamp and guarantees the safety of production and management. 
  • Die casting lamp holder is stronger and more reliable: The die-casting design is adopted, and the high and low temperature thermal expansion and contraction will not cause deformation and fracture in the use of the product. The bulb lead is designed for protective hiding, and the lamp holder installation fixing hole is integrated with the lamp holder, which is more stable.  


  • Comercial Grade Fixture

Technical Specifications 


Input Voltage 

PPF/uMol Output 



Light Distribution Angle 

Summit Series 1000W 

AC 208V/240V/277V 

2100μmol/s (Double ended HPS 1000W; Other bulbs will differ) 

2.10 μmol/J (DE HPS 1000W; Differs according to bulb) 

Full Spectrum 


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