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Kelp Extract

Kelp Extract

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Kelp Extract Liquid

Liquid kelp fertiliser contains over 70 trace minerals. Excellent source of cytokinins and auxins, which are two essential plant growth hormones. Contains vitamins, natural chelating agents and amino acids. Gentle N-P-K values. Essential to the soil food web. Cytokinins Improves soil health, regulates cell division and cell wall formation, increases photosynthesis and chlorophyll production, improves root and shoot growth, and delay senescence in the fall (when plants prepare for winter, dropping leaves, losing colour, etc.). Auxins Regulate cell elongation and mainly stimulates adventitious rooting, and promotes fruit development. This is one of the least expensive, yet highly beneficial liquid fertiliser products on the market right now. Liquid seaweed fertiliser is a staple in any foliar feed and is often applied with EM and other organic fertilisers. It is particularly useful when seeding and propagating, dividing, and transplanting.

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