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Jiffy Preforma/Glue Plugs

Jiffy Preforma/Glue Plugs

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Jiffy Preforma/Glue Plugs

Preforma plugs consistently retain an air content of 30% or more, which means no compaction, even under heavy misting conditions. This makes it an ideal propagation medium, providing an optimal environment for uniform and fast rooting.

  • Ready-to-go
  • Fast rooting
  • Automation

The plant plug binder’s structure ensures no transplant shock. This means you can ship or transplant the plugs earlier, freeing up valuable bench space in order to rotate the crops faster.
Jiffy Preforma plugs are available for many different crops. But over the years we developed some crop specialties such as: orchids, soft fruits, perennial from cuttings or TC, pot plants.

Jiffy Preforma Plugs, also know as Jiffy Glue Plugs, are made from a fully bound, extremely uniform substrate, forming a structure with hundreds of micro air pockets evenly distributed throughout the plug. This stimulates superior fibrous root growth throughout the full depth and volume of the plug. The absence of a net around the plug allows the roots to develop optimally after potting on.

Cuttings grown in Preforma plugs produce notably cleaner callous than in other propagation substrates. The number of active root nodes formed at the callous is increased substantially, and stimulates fast multiple root development.

Plug size: Cylindrical, 30 mm x 50mm.

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