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Jiffy 7C Pellet

Jiffy 7C Pellet

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Effortless Seedling Success with Jiffy Pellets:

Cultivate thriving seedlings with minimal effort thanks to the innovative Jiffy Pellet system. These pre-fertilized pods expand upon hydration, providing an optimal environment for rapid and healthy growth.

Streamlined Sowing:

    1. Arrange: Position Jiffy Pellets in a suitable planting tray.
    1. Hydrate: Saturate the pellets with lukewarm water until fully expanded. Allow excess water to drain.
    1. Sow/Plant: Place seeds directly into the expanded pellets or gently insert cuttings. Select a bright, warm location for the tray.
    1. Nurturing Sprouting: As seedlings emerge, slightly open the cover for improved air circulation. Once fully sprouted, remove the cover for optimal light exposure.
    1. Water Management: Maintain consistent moisture through regular watering, ensuring the pellets are slightly damp but not waterlogged. Avoid overwatering or complete drying.
    1. Transplanting Ease: When seedlings are ready, transplant them within the Jiffy Pellet to their final destination, be it a garden bed or larger pot. Gently cover the pellet with soil to protect the delicate root system.

Experience the ease and efficiency of Jiffy Pellets for guaranteed seedling success. Order yours today!

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