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600W HPS Kingpin Grow Tent Kit (1x1x2m)

600W HPS Kingpin Grow Tent Kit (1x1x2m)

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600W HPS Kingpin Grow Tent Kit (1x1x2m)

Whats included:
  • 1 x 1 x 2m Indoor Grow Tent 
  • 600W Electronic Ballast HydroDepot(Dimmable) 
  • 600W HPS Bulb/Lamp HydroDepot
  • Reflector
  • HZ100 Mixed-Flow Inline Fan (100mm - 199m³/h) 2 Speed
  • 4" Carbon Filter with Pre Filter (100mm Inlet/Outlet X 250mm Length)
  • 4" Ducting with Clamps
  • Adjustable Heavy Duty Rope Hangers - 2 pairs
  • Digital Thermometer + Hygrometer 
  • 6" Clip/Grip Oscillating Fan 

This setup is rigged to grow!  


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