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Green House Tunnels - Bell & Paton

Green House Tunnels - Bell & Paton

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  • Sturdy 25mm galvanised steel poles provide exceptional stability
  • Clear, UV-resistant PE plastic cover allows ample sunlight and protects plants from wind, frost, and pests
  • Dual zip roll-up door for convenient access and easy gardening tasks
  • Roll-up side windows with 40% UV protection and insect nets offer ventilation while keeping pests out
  • Reinforced PE plastic roof securely fits over the galvanised steel poles for durability and optimal light transmission

Experience the joy of homegrown goodness with our premium selection of Bell & Paton greenhouses - South Africa's leading choice for durability, affordability, and ease.

Designed for every gardener:

    • Six spacious walk-in models: Ideal for dedicated plant enthusiasts.
    • Four compact tiered options: Perfect for balconies or smaller spaces.
    • Built to last: Withstand even the harshest South African weather.
    • Easy setup: Delivered directly from Bell & Paton for quick assembly.

Grow your passion, naturally:

    • Nourish your health: Enjoy fresh, homegrown vegetables and herbs.
    • Embrace a sustainable lifestyle: Reduce your carbon footprint.
    • Create a beautiful haven: Cultivate vibrant blooms and lush greenery.

Start your journey today:

    • Explore our diverse range and find the perfect greenhouse for your needs.
  • Order with confidence and experience the Bell & Paton difference.
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