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Green House Powder Feeding - Short Flowering

Green House Powder Feeding - Short Flowering

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Green House Powder Feeding - Short Flowering is a premium plant feed designed to cater to the specific nutrient needs of plants with a short flowering time of 8 weeks or less. This product contains a high level of instantly available potassium that is crucial for the early stages of the plant's flowering cycle. Potassium is essential for plant metabolism and plays a crucial role in regulating CO2 uptake and energy production for photosynthesis.

With the help of this plant feed, your plants will grow larger, more plentiful blossoms and fruits in a shorter amount of time by receiving the ideal mix of nutrients. The high potassium content of this product aids in controlling plant nutrient and water intake, guaranteeing that the plants have everything necessary for a healthy and vigorous growth.

Applying Green House Powder Feeding - Short Blooming directly to your plant's growing medium is quite simple to do. Simply adhere to the dose recommendations, then observe how well your plants do. Both professionals and amateur growers who want to get the greatest results in the quickest amount of time will find this product to be ideal.

Short Flower NPK: 16-6-26 

  • Maximum Solubility: 160g/L water
  • Recommended amount for stock solution: 30g/L water
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