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Green House Powder Feeding - Long Flowering

Green House Powder Feeding - Long Flowering

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Green House Powder Feeding - Long Flowering, the ultimate solution for your plants with longer flowering times. This powerful formula is designed to provide balanced NPK ratios that deliver sufficient nitrogen levels throughout the complete flowering cycle, ensuring your plants grow strong and healthy.

The high levels of phosphorus in Green House Powder Feeding - Long Flowering allow your plants to develop a robust and weighty root system, providing the support they need to thrive during the extended flowering period of 10 weeks or more. The carefully crafted blend of macro and micro-elements ensures that your plants receive the nutrients they need in the correct ratio for optimal growth and flowering.

Unlike other fertilizers, there is no need to add additional components throughout the cycle, as this formula provides all the essential nutrients in the proper balance for easy absorption, making it ideal for long flowering plants. So, you can sit back and relax, knowing that your plants are receiving the perfect nutrition they need to grow and flourish.

With Green House Powder Feeding - Long Flowering, you can expect to see healthier and more vigorous plants with improved yields and quality of flowers. This product is easy to use and is suitable for all types of hydroponic, soil, or coco cultivation methods.

Long Flowering N-P-K-Mg: 18 - 12 - 18+ - (1.2)

Concentration of elements:

  • 18%       N Total Nitrogen
  • 10%       NS Nitrogen Nitrate
  • 8%         NA Nitrogen Ammoniacal
  • 12%       P2O5 Soluble Phosphorus
  • 18%       K2O Soluble Potassium
  • 2.0%      MgO Soluble Magnesium Oxide
  • 0.02%    B Soluble Boron
  • 0.04%    Cu Soluble Copper (as Chelate from EDTA)
  • 0.1%      Fe Soluble Iron (as Chelate from EDTA)
  • 0.05%    Mn Soluble Manganese (as Chelate from EDTA)
  • 0.005%  Mo Soluble Molybdenum
  • 0.01%    Zn Soluble Zinc (as Chelate from EDTA)


Concentration gr./Lt.  0.5  1.0. 1.5. 2.0

EC (mS)                    0.7. 1.4. 2.0  2.6     

These values are calculated starting from tap water at medium EC hardness.


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