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Green House Powder Feeding - Hybrids

Green House Powder Feeding - Hybrids

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The best plant food for hybrid plant kinds in their growing and blooming stages, with an 8–10 week flowering duration, is Green House Powder Feeding – Hybrids. This potent plant food, which is especially made for hydroponic systems, is engineered to offer the perfect ratio of nutrients for optimum growth, producing greener, stronger, and more resilient plants.

Green House Powder Feeding - Hybrids does not need to be supplemented with additional ingredients at different stages of the growth cycle like other plant food products on the market. For intermediate flowering plants, it is ideal since the nutrients are delivered in the right proportion for simple absorption. In addition to saving time and effort, doing this guarantees that your plants get the precise nutrients they require at every stage of growth.

For any grower wishing to get outstanding results quickly and easily, Green House Powder Feeding - Hybrids is the ideal option. Its potent combination of vital nutrients boosts plant resilience to pests and diseases while promoting healthy growth, robust roots, and bright blooms.

 Hybrid N-P-K-Mg: 15 - 7 - 22 (3.6) 

The concentration of elements:

  • 15%        N Total Nitrogen
  • 10%        NS Nitrogen Nitrate
  • 5%          NA Nitrogen Ammoniacal
  • 7%          P2O5 Soluble Phosphorus
  • 22%        K2O Soluble Potassium
  • 6.0%       MgO Soluble Magnesium Oxide
  • 0.03%     B Soluble Boron
  • 0.002%   Cu Soluble Copper (as Chelate from EDTA)
  • 0.12%     Fe Soluble Iron (as Chelate from EDTA)
  • 0.05%     Mn Soluble Manganese (as Chelate from EDTA)
  • 0.005%   Mo Soluble Molybdenum
  • 0.01%     Zn Soluble Zinc (as Chelate from EDTA)


Concentration gr./Lt.  0.5  1.0. 1.5. 2.0

EC (mS)                    0.7. 1.4. 2.0  2.6     

These values are calculated starting from tap water at medium EC hardness.


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