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Green House Powder Feeding - Booster PK

Green House Powder Feeding - Booster PK

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To maximize plant development and harvest, use Green House Powder Feeding - Booster, a premium plant booster. This enhancer has been created to work particularly well during the flowering stage of plant growth, when it will help your plants flourish.

High quantities of potassium and phosphorus, both of which are crucial for robust and healthy plant development, can be found in this booster's well-balanced combination of macro and micronutrients. Magnesium, iron, and zinc are just a few of the essential trace metals and minerals that may be found in this ingredient.

Green House Powder Feeding - Booster has a special formulation that allows your plants to absorb all the nutrients it contains quickly and efficiently. It is also pH neutral, so it won't alter the pH levels of your growth media and disrupt your plants' development.

Green House Powder Feeding - Booster has several advantages, one of which is its simplicity of application. The powder is easily applied by combining it with water and spraying it on your plants at the specified rate. Because of how easy it makes feeding your plants and how consistent the results are, it's a great option for growers of all skill levels.

Green House Powder Feeding - Booster is not only very effective and simple to use, but also safe for your plants and the environment thanks to its use of premium, all-natural components.

Booster PK+ (N-P-K: 0-30-27) 

The booster contains extra magnesium and trace elements to ensure that the nutrient content is balanced and there is no lack of elements that might limit the uptake of certain nutrients.

The concentration of elements:

  • 30% [P2O5] Water Soluble Phosphate
  • 27% [K2O] Water Soluble Potash
  • 8,2% [MgO] Water Soluble Magnesium Oxide
  • 0,03% [B] Water Soluble Boron
  • 0,002% [Cu] Water Soluble Copper (as chelate from EDTA)
  • 0,12% [Fe] Water Soluble Irom (as chelate from EDTA)
  • 0.05% [Mn] Water Soluble Manganese (as chelate from EDTA)
  • 0.005% [Mo] Water Soluble Molybdenum
  • 0.01% [Zn] Water Soluble Zinc

Dissolution Proportions:

Weeks 3 & 4 = 2-3gr/10L Booster + base nutrient
Weeks 5 & 6 = 3-4gr/10L Booster + base nutrient
Weeks 7 & 8 = 4-5gr/10L Booster + base nutrient 

Recommended PH:

Flowering: 5,8 - 6,5

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