Garden HighPro ProDry Master DryNet

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Garden HighPro ProDry Master Dry Nets are made from high quality microperforated fabric in a sleek black colour.

The height and number of levels of drying nets can be adjusted according to your needs – each drying rack consists out various pieces that are clipped together. These drying nets can be compactly folded down into their carry bags when not in use.

Garden HighPro ProDry Master Dry Nets are available in three sizes:

  • ProDry Master 55, with 4 levels in total (2 pieces) – 55 cm diameter – 0.96 m² drying area in total
  • ProDry Master 75, with 6 levels in total (3 pieces) – 75 cm diameter – 2.64 m² drying area in total
  • ProDry Master95, with 6 levels in total (3 pieces) – 95 cm diameter – 4.26 m² drying area in total

Garden HighPro ProDry Master detachable racks

Drying out harvested flower should be done in a dark area with gentle airflow, over a period of 3 to 7 days on average. Climate in your drying area should be around 23° Celsius with 50% humidity (use a Digital Thermo-Hygrometer to monitor your climate)

Flowers should be spaced out on your net surface so that there is free airflow all around them.

Read more about the drying and curing process of specifically Cannabis.

Drying nets can also be used for drying out other types of harvestable produce.