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Garden HighPro ProActiv Carbon Filters

Garden HighPro ProActiv Carbon Filters

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Garden HighPro ProActiv Carbon Filters

Garden HighPro ProActiv Carbon Filters – extremely light, single-use carbon filters.

ProActiv Carbon Filters use only 100% food grade virgin coconut activated carbon, encased in multi-layer fleece mats that are sealed air-tight on both ends of the scrubber.

Installation is super easy – just clip each end of the filter onto a rope ratchet and attach your ducting!

  • Get rid of unwanted odours by attaching a carbon filter before your exhaust fan/s.
  • In a closed-system grow area, cycle your air through a carbon filter to help keep it free from dust, mold spores and bacteria. (Be sure to DEHUMIDIFY – carbon filters stop working in 85% + R.H environments !)
  • Clean and scrub your incoming air supply and stop pests like spider mites and others from getting into your grow area by installing a carbon filter before your inlet fan/s.

How match your Garden HighPro ProActiv Carbon Filters up with the correct sized inline fans:

1) First, determine how much air-flow your will need through your grow space. If you are using fans to exhaust heat caused by hot HPS grow-lamps, a quick calculation can be done…

Number of lamps × Watts of each lamp ÷ 2 = Required cubic meters per hour of air flow needed.

(We recommend adding × 1.2 to this answer for our HOT ZA summers!)

2)Find on or more fans (whichever will best suit your area) that will provide a total airflow =/> than what has been worked out in step 1.

3) Match up each of your chosen fans with a carbon filter of the same diameter (preferably, to avoid the additional cost of ducting reducers). Also check the filter length if installing in cramped spaces.

VERY IMPORTANT: ALSO make sure that the filter’s air-flow capacity matches or exceeds the fan’s airflow rating, using the ProActive Filter table below. If too much air passes through the filter, it will not be able to scrub the passing air thoroughly!

ProActiv Carbon Filter Specs

4) Once your fans and filters have been matched up, it’s time to work out how many meters of ducting your will need, as well as other accessories, like Rope Ratchets, Ducting Clamps, or rolls of Aluminium Tape.

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