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Easy2Propagate Cloning Kit (with 25 litre FlexiTank)

Easy2Propagate Cloning Kit (with 25 litre FlexiTank)

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Easy2Propagate Complete Cloning Kit with AV5 (and 25lt Flexitank)

Please note: This system is large and may require additional courier fees depending on your location. We will contact you if this is the case.

 The Easy2Propagate AQUAValve 5 is the largest, most adjustable single piece propagation dome on the market. Made by Autopot, its size and ventilation capacity means that a wide range of climatic options are achievable.

AQUAValve5 for systems using 9mm and 12-9mm fittings

Four large, fully adjustable vents allow growers unparalleled scope to fine-tune an environment in which young plants can thrive. A cavernous 20cm lid height creates a huge humidity dome and offers your plants more headroom than any other single piece propagator lid available, giving you greater choice as to when you transplant.

The Easy2Propagate AQUAValve 5 ties together the proven growing technology of the AutoPot range. It is designed to accommodate an AQUAvalve for easy integration with low maintenance AutoPot Watering Systems. The self-watering AQUAValve will supply water to the two included CocoMats (58 x 51 x 3cm each) that sit in the tray and holds all the moisture your plants will require. The CocoMats control watering by holding and gradually wicking the water to the plants via capillary action through the root control sheet (included) and into the rooting media.

The lid and kit contents slot together in minutes to create a stunningly effective propagator.


  • Control your plants environment to accelerate rooting.
  • Water young plants and cuttings with confidence.
  • Increase strike rates with large volumes of young plants.

The Easy2Propagate kit is a complete plant production facility. Everything you require to start cultivating on a grand scale is included.

Easy2Propagate AQUAValve 5 Complete Kit includes:

  • 1x Clear Easy2Propagate Lid with 4 Fitted Vents gives you the size and adjustability to grow responsively. You can transplant sooner or later according to your climate, your chosen variety and your plant’s needs.
  • 1x 25ltr Autopot FlexiTank allows you to position your water supply close at hand and packs away easily when not in use.
  • 1x 9mm Click-Fit Adapter and Filter connects your FlexiTank securely and cleanly to the pipe work.
  • 1.5m of 9mm pipe links your FlexiTank to the AQUAValve 5 inside the propagator.
  • 1x Garland Giant Plus Tray provides a large, stable base for the Easy2Propagate with an ideal depth for cultivating young plants.
  • 1x AQUAvalve 5 with AQUAvalve Cover is supplied to provide on-demand watering to the plants. This removes any question of flooding or of starving the plants of water or nutrients.
  • 2x CocoMats, 58 x 51 x 3cm sit in the tray and holds all the moisture your plants require. The CocoMats control watering by holding and gradually wicking the water to the plants via capillary action.
  • 1x 116cm x 51cm Root Control Sheet ensures that your Easy2Propagate has optimum functionality and that the tray and matting remain clean and free from root invasion.
  • easy2Propagate INSTRUCTIONS
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