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Double Nickel

Double Nickel

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Double Nickel

Double Nickel 55® is a biological fungicide for the 
- Suppression of powdery and downy mildew.
- Suppression of fungal plant diseases on crops as specified.
- Suppression of powdery and downy mildew on table grapes and powdery mildew on cucurbits.

Double Nickel 55® contains the active ingredient Bacillus amyloliquifaciens isolate D747. It has multiple modes of action:
- Produces antimicrobial metabolites such as Iturin and Surfactin which inhibit growth of fungi and bacteria.
- Colonizes plant surfaces, occupying space and using up nutrient sources at potential infection sites thus making it difficult for pathogens to get established.
- Activates a plants natural defence mechanisms through Systemic Acquired Resistance (SAR). SAR is a state of enhanced immunity to infection demonstrated by plants following an injury or presence of inducer organisms like B. amyloliquefaciens.

Double Nickel 55® has good efficiency with consistent results and low risk of resistance build-up. It is an ideal product as a resistance management option for IPM programs and suitable for use in organic production. It helps growers meet demands of export markets in terms of minimal/zero residue pest management programs.

With a stable formulation with a 2 year shelf life at room temperature, it is compatible with most fertilizers, adjuvants and pesticides. Do NOT tank mix with copper based pesticides and avoid the use of silicone spreaders (spreader-stickers and oil-based products are preferred). Avoid extreme pH (between 6–8 is optimal).

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