Digital Weighing/Measuring Scale (max 3kg)

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  • Advanced Accurate Weighing Sensors: With 4 advanced weighing sensors distributed at the corners evenly, the food scale provides you precise weight graduation accurate to 1g/0.05oz. Whether you need to control the ingredients proportion of a cake, or you just want to control the amount of seasonings, it satisfies your needs perfectly!
  • 5 Weight Units for Convenience: This digital food scale has 5 weight units, lb, oz, kg, g, and ml, greatly easing your kitchen life. Weighing 2lb/0.9kg salmon, 5oz lemon juice, 3g wasabi, and 100ml wine, a square meal is made!
  • 3kg Maximum Weight & LCD Display: The kitchen scale weighs food from 1g/0.05oz to 3kg, satisfying your diverse needs. Whether weighing a small amount of seasoning or a heavy cut of beef, you can see the weight clearly on the high-quality LCD display.
  • One-Press TARE & Side Switch Button: Unlike many products, this scale has separated tare button and switch button, relieving you from troubles of choosing the wrong function! The switch button is in the front side, you can switch on/off with just a press. And it switches off automatically after 90 seconds, saving energy & eco-friendly.
  • Easy-Clean Surface & Hassle-Free Service: Made of stainless steel and tempered glass, the scale surface is very easy to clean with just a wipe. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

Please note that this item is an import, and that some buttons are represented in Chinese.