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Cosmocel Cosmoroot Rooting Promoter 150g

Cosmocel Cosmoroot Rooting Promoter 150g

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Cosmocel Cosmoroot Rooting Promoter

Cosmocel Cosmoroot Rooting Promoter:

Cosmoroot promotes and strengthens root formation and root development. Cosmoroot is a Bio-stimulant and should be used in conjunction with a regular nutrient feeding plan.

To increase yields you need to increase root mass. The bigger the root mass the more nutrients can be absorbed by the plant. A good root system results in healthy vascular tissue formation, this means well developed fruit or flowers. Roots synthesize the hormones responsible for cell division and enlargement, so the more roots you have the bigger the yield.


Cosmoroot contains: N.P.K combined with L-Amino Acids and Humic & Fulvic acids.

  • Humic & Fulvic Acid induces new root growth.
  • New growth is strengthened by the uptake of L-Amino Acids and Phosphorus.
  • Potassium and Nitrogen provides a food source for new plant growth.
  • Packet size: 150g ( Makes 300lts of applicant )


When to use Cosmocel Cosmoroot Rooting Promoter:

Seedlings or Clones: Use Cosmoroot as the food source.
Transplanting: Use Cosmoroot as the food source.
Nutrient Burn or Nutrient Lock Out: use Cosmoroot as the food source.



Nitrogen (N) ________________________________________________ 70 g / kg
Phosphorus (P) ______________________________________________ 205 g / kg
Potassium (K) _______________________________________________ 50 g / kg
L-Amino acids ______________________________________________ 30 g / kg
Humic substances ___________________________________________ 155 g / kg


Directions for use:


Dissolve 0.5g into 1lt of water and mix VERY well.

Apply weekly for indoor plants. Apply every 15 days for outdoor plants.

Store product in dry and cool conditions.

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