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Clear Propagation Lid (fits 15lt Autopot pots)

Clear Propagation Lid (fits 15lt Autopot pots)

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Clear Propagation Lid (fits 15lt Autopot pots)

The Autopot Clear Propagation Lid fits snugly onto our 15L pots, so they’re the ideal add-on for both the Autopot easy2grow kit when using 15 litre pots and the Autopot 1Pot system.

*Please note this only fits the Autopot 15 litre pots*

These lids can be used to protect young plants from the elements, or to root cuttings directly in your Autopot sets!

Simply pot a young plant and fit the Clear Propagation Lid on top with the vents closed. Over the next few weeks gradually open the vents to harden the plant off finally removing the Clear Propagation Lid completely during the day. If the weather is still a little chilly, you can continue to use the lid at night. Your young plants will be protected from the elements and will enjoy a healthy start in life.

The Autopot Clear propagator Lid fits on the Autopot 15L pot. This makes it suitable for use with the 1 pot system or an Easy2Grow (when using 15L pots!) When the plant is young, place the Autopot Clear Propagator Lid over the pot and gradually open the vent. This is best done over the course of a few weeks, unless the plant gets too big for it! If night temperatures are still getting a bit low, you can still use the lid to protect the plant.

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