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Bluelab Multimedia pH Meter

Bluelab Multimedia pH Meter

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Bluelab Multimedia pH Meter

The Bluelab Multimedia pH Meter and Bluelab Leap pH Probe will take fast and accurate measurements in nutrient solution, soil, coco coir, rockwool, potting mix and many other media types. Calibration is simple with one push button on the meter and fresh Bluelab Calibration Solutions. A successful calibration indicator is displayed on screen; after 30 days, this will disappear and you’ll need to re-calibrate to ensure ongoing accuracy.

  • Fast sensor response for quicker readings on the go
  • Multimedia friendly for measurements across a range of environments
  • Toughened spear tip for direct root-zone measurements
  • Simple two-point calibration process for ongoing accuracy
  • Backlit LCD display to capture measurements with ease
  • 2 x AAA alkaline batteries included

Everyday accuracy of pH

This meter’s impressive and robust Leap pH Probe will take quick and accurate pH measurements in increments of 0.1 pH in a variety of growing media.

Join forces with the Bluelab Pulse Meter

You’ll also need to check that you aren’t over- or under-feeding your plants.

Conductivity (EC or PPM) is a fundamental parameter that will help you ensure that your plants are always getting the right amount of food. The Bluelab Pulse Meter takes quick and accurate measurements of conductivity, moisture and temperature in a variety of growing media.

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