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Bionova Coco Forte A & B Kit

Bionova Coco Forte A & B Kit

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Bionova Coco Forte A&B Kit 

Coco Forte A+B is a cost-effective and simple solution for cultivation on every coco fiber substrate. Due to the short buffering in the coco substrates, this extremely concentrated Coco Forte A+B combination is especially formulated for the most effective absorption of the necessary elements. This combination contains all the food grade minerals and trace elements for a rapid growth and abundant flowering. Plants directly absorb all food grade minerals which gives you optimal control of your plants. Coco Forte A must be used in combination with Coco Forte B.

What is Bionova Coco Forte A+B?

Coco Forte A+B is a complete nutrient solution of a “Food-Grade” quality, and the trace elements are chelated so they can be absorbed within a larger pH-range.

The application of these fertilizers is fairly easy and restricts itself to measuring off the equal amounts of Coco Forte A+B and mixing them into the water one at a time. Various elements have been added to this A+B fertilizer, which guarantee an optimal growth and flowering on coco fiber substrates, in particular in the case of re-use. Make sure that the substrate is free of diseases, plagues or viruses in case of re-use.

Tips from Bionova growers:

✔ Use to treat deficiencies: If the plants present deficiencies of nitrogen (N) calcium (Ca) magnesium (Mg) iron (Fe) or some other micro elements, component A can be applied to the cultivation, this can be applied by root irrigation or by foliar spray, to quickly recovering plants from the nutritional shortage.
✔ On the other hand. if in the crops there are deficiencies of phosphorus (P). potassium (K) or Sulphur (S), we can apply component B also as foliar spray.

Bionova Coco Forte Breakdown

How to use Coco Forte A + B?

Usable from first week of growth until a week before harvest. Flushing is mandatory.
Mixable with all Bionova stimulators, minerals, universals & substrates.
Made for irrigation / hydroponic systems.

Bionova Coco Forte A and B Feeding Schedule

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