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Bio-Zyme contains natural enzymes, bacteria and extracts, all essential to activate and stimulate “microbial soil life”. An application of Bio-Zyme will increase the population of advantageous micro-organisms (microbes) in soil. Bio-Zyme also contains an extract that will greatly inhibit the development and growth of pathogenic (harmful and undesirable) bacteria and fungi. If applied correctly, Bio-Zyme will greatly improve the soil as a growing medium.

Bacteria and other microbes multiply rapidly with Bio-Zyme and their activity helps decompose organic matter and produces metabolic waste and organic acids. The enormous increase in the production of these organic acids occurs in the soil profile and an increase in this reaction readily releases more phosphorus (P) and potassium (K). The increase of available nutrients results in improved development and growth of the plant and causes a notable increase in root mass. The fine root hair absorbs more moisture and nutrients from  applied fertilizers. With a stronger root system, the plant is able to much better withstand excessive heat, cold, water logging, drought and other unfavourable (stress) conditions.

As a soil life activator the additional advantages include:

- Increases the oxygen (O2) levels in topsoil.
- Leaches an excess of salts such as sodium (Na) and potassium (K) ions out of brackish soils.
- Improves soil structure, prevents clod forming (improves earthworm life and activity).
- Improves the water retention capacity of soil.
- Increase the percentage of carbon in soil.
​- The fine root hair absorbs more moisture and nutrients from fertilizers that has been applied.

Dosage: 5ml per 1litre of water

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