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Bat Guano - Premium Organic Flowering And Fruiting Fertiliser

Bat Guano - Premium Organic Flowering And Fruiting Fertiliser

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Bat Guano - Premium Organic Flowering And Fruiting Fertiliser

Madagascan Bat Guano ( Available in 2 kg and 5 kg bags )


Bat guano is a particularly powerful fertilizer as it is generally deposited in caves and is not leached by rain. It consists of the remains of insects and other bat food sources and the remains of the bats themselves. It decomposes rapidly and builds up in a slightly acidic layer on the cave floor.

SENSI Madagascan Bat Guano is completely environmentally friendly, significantly improves any soil to which it is added and increases the flavor and quality of produce as well as increasing disease resistance. High-phosphate guano is particularly prized as a flowering fertilizer, greatly improving flower and fruit set and final yield.

This guano is specially selected and is among the richest in the world. It is very high in calcium and phosphorous and has significant amounts of nitrogen and potassium as well as a broad range of other essential nutrients.

The guano is completely sterilized and is imported subject to the Department of Agriculture health requirements at port of entry.

High-phosphate guano is particularly important as it provides organic phosphate in both readily accessible and slower release forms at a level which is rare in truly organic fertilizers. While nitrogen is important during a plant’s vegetative growth stage and it always likes good levels of potassium, our guano provides that abundance of organic phosphate which plants love during and toward the end of their flowering periods. Phosphate is also important for root development at the beginning of a plant’s life-cycle.

Critically important when growing organically with bat guano is that the phosphate is in a form very highly accessible to beneficial mycorrhizal fungi which should be utilized in symbiosis.

Madagascan Bat Guano DIRECTIONS FOR USE:

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