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Aquavalve PotSock with Steel Plate

Aquavalve PotSock with Steel Plate

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Aquavalve PotSock with Steel Plate

AQUAvalve PotSock is specifically designed to keep debris and root systems clear of your AQUAvalve when growing in open trays, like when using a tray and the Autopot Easy2Go Kit to keep your potted plants watered while away.

Keeping the Aquavalve clean will help to keep it opening and closing automatically like it is designed to, as roots and dirt may cause the valve to get stuck in either the open or closed position, leading to possible flooding of your grow area or drought of your plants!

These root control solutions provide excellent defense for your Autpopot AQUAvalve – ideal if you use pot sizes not otherwise served by our PotSock Round or PotSock Square.

The AQUAvalve PotSock comes with a square metal plate that weighs it down to the bottom of the tray. We recommend that the weighted AQUAvalve Cover is used at all times when growing with AQUAvalve PotSocks in order to maintain positioning.

Not used in kit trays, open tray only!

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