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Air Cooled Reflector | LUMii Aerotube

Air Cooled Reflector | LUMii Aerotube

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Air Cooled Reflector  | LUMii Aerotube 

The LUMii AeroTube is the latest inline air-cooled reflector. This innovative product, when used in conjunction with ducting and a 6 inch/150mm inline fan, or 8inch/200mm inline fan allows air to flow through the reflector, thus helping to control the environment temperature.

You must choose the correct fan to fit your reflector. 8inch reflector needs an 8inch fan, 6inch reflector needs a 6inch fan. Links above

The LUMii AeroTube features a removable lamp holder along with a 2-part external reflector and a 4m cable.

Multiple shades can be mounted in series, with the use of 150mm 0r 200mm Flexible Aluminium Ducting. 

Temperature control

Toughened glass

Removable lamp holder for easy lamp access and cleaning

External 2-part reflector for superior light output and spread

Mount multiple shades in series (recommended maximum of 2 per fan)

4m lead included 

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