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Agrilsil K50

Agrilsil K50

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Agrilsil K50 

Fully soluble, liquid formulation potassium silicate designed for agricultural use. The ultimate silica supplement to aid in building tolerance to plant stress and disease tolerance. Agricultural crop production is essential to food security and has evolved over the ages to enhance human life. Large scale monocropping is seldom found in natural environments and as crop diversity increases, more plants are being grown outside their natural environments. This results in plants being exposed to greater environmental stress conditions, which impacts on overall plant health and ultimately crop yields. Resilient plants are essential to crop performance; as such we need to minimize stress.


Why use Agrisil K50?

  • Improves cell strength resulting in improved crop quality – ideal in IPM programs. 

  • Enhances crop tolerance to abiotic and biotic stress. 

General Application Method

  • Row crops (maize, wheat, etc.): Foliar spray 0.5 L/ha at 20 days, repeat at flowering. 

  • Vegetables and small fruit: Foliar spray 1-2 L/ha every 7-10 days following emergence or transplant. Tree crops: Root drench 5 L/ha every 1-2 months or Foliar spray 4 L/ha every 2-4 weeks as required. Compatibility 

  • Potassium silicate is highly alkaline (pH>11) and as such can cause compatibility problems related to this high alkalinity.  

  • Buffering agent: Tender Buff has been confirmed to be compatible with AgriSil K50®. Aqua Rite 5 is not compatible.  

  • Silica salts are highly reactive: Avoid mixing with products containing salts of magnesium, calcium (calcium nitrate), zinc and aluminum. Always conduct a jar test before mixing product or consult your distributor.

Content: Potassium silicate 
Application method: Drench and/or foliar 
Crops: All crops 
Formulation Type: Liquid 
Standard dosage: 2-4ml per 10L
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