75mm Net Pot - Set of 50

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50mm Net Pot


-Great in any hydroponics system for propagation.

-TheĀ net pots are designed to allow the roots to drop into the nutrient solution.

-Net pots are bestĀ used with Rockwool or LECA.

-They provide the plant with a strong root structure.

-Net pots provideĀ a lot of support to the plant.


How to use net pots?

Net pots and cups can be used with any hydroponic growing medium, such as rockwool, coco, or clay pebbles.

Once your seedlings are string enough, you simply insert your blockĀ or starter plugĀ into the netĀ potĀ and place it into your hydroponics / aquaponics system.



Top Diameter = 75mm

Bottom Diameter = 50mm

Height = 65mm