5 Ton Rosin Press Bulldog

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5 Ton Rosin Press - Bulldog

The Bulldogpress 5 Ton Rosin Press is proudly made in South-Africa, our family of high quality presses are built on strength and durability to last a lifetime. Our 5 ton Bulldog frames and chassis are manufactured using 10mm thick precision laser cut steel with interlocking sides. Welded both top and bottom with a 20mm top frame and a 20mm footplate for additional strength.

This Bulldogpress comes with solid high quality Aluminium plates that has a thermocouple and cartridge heaters on each plate for all round even heating. The PID Controller is an easy, self - adjustable Intelligent controller with high luminance LED display, with a heat range of up to 1300C. Bulldogpresses also provide a 5 Ton Hydraulic system, thereby ensuring adequate pressure for maximum extraction.

Weight 18kg
Height 380mm
Width 110mm
Breadth 190mm
Material Powder Coated, Laser cut (10mm and face plate 8mm) Thick Steel
6082 CNC Aluminium Duel Heated Plates
Height 28mm
Width 110mm
Breadth 90mm
Duel Heated Plates Power 250V / 150W
PID Temperature Controller ITC-106
Supply Voltage AC 100-240V 50/60Hz
Power Consumption 5VA
Display Code High lamination LED
Display Accuracy +-0.2%FS0.1C/F(≤1000C/F); 1C/F(≥1000C/F)