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Autopot 1Pot Extension Unit - with 15L Pot

Autopot 1Pot Extension Unit - with 15L Pot

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1Pot Extension Unit AQUAValve5

An Autopot 1Pot Extension Unit AQUAValve5 is used when you already have an AUtopot system and would like to add another unit to it, or when installing a new customized system.

The Autopot 1Pot Extension Unit AQUAValve5 includes:

  • 1x Tray & lid
  • 1x 15ltr Pot
  • 1x AQUAvalve 5
  • 1x 1 meter of 9mm Pipe
  • 1x Marix Disc (SQUARE) 186mm x 186mm (BLACK)
  • 1x Root Control Disc (SQUARE) 196mm x 196mm (BLACK & GOLD)
  • 1x 9mm Tee for easy connection to existing systems.
  • 1x 12-9mm T Connector
  • 1x 12-9mm Cross Connector

AQUAValve5 for systems using 9mm and 12-9mm fittings.

The ne Aquavalve5has a 66% Bigger Inlet and uses 9mm piping and fittings.

The needs of growers are ever-evolving, served by an increasingly diverse range of nutrients. With a bigger, 5mm inlet, the new Aquavalve 5 rises to the challenge of delivering the widest range of nutrients in a faster flow for a quicker fill, maximizing system efficiency. Maintenance is reduced and the risk of blockages is minimized.

The Autopot 1Pot Extension Unit AQUAValve5 is extremely versatile and can be used for a wide range of plant varieties and sizes. The unit is easily extended so many pots can be linked to a single tank.

The 15 liter pot that is supplied with the 1 Pot module enables you to grow large specimen plants.

The pot and the tray can be easily  moved if the  plant grow too large  and need to be  spaced further apart.

The 15 liter pots used in the 1 Pot module  and
the 8.5 liter pots pots used in the 2 Pot Unit system are interchangeable and can be used  in either tray design.

Ensure all trays are level when in position.

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