DIY Beginner Hydroponic Starter Pack + (TDS & EC Meter)

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DIY Beginner Hydroponic Starter Pack + (TDS & EC Meter)

What if I told you there was a way to grow plants quicker, larger and using only 5% of the water normally required.

Most people would assume this is impossible.

And yet, hydroponics allows you to do just this.

Hydroponics is a technique for growing plants without soil, using only water, a nutrient solution and a medium to hold the plants in place. Although various forms of water culture have been practiced for several thousand years, it is only in the last 100 years that the science behind hydroponics has been more fully understood.

This has enabled both domestic and commercial growers to cultivate plants in new ways that have particular advantages and disadvantages.

This DIY Beginner Hydroponic Setup will provide you with the basics required to begin your Hydro journey. 

How to use:

Here are the steps on how to use the HydroponicsStarter Kit:
1. You will take your rockwool and put it in a shallow tray of water and let the rockwool absorb the water.
2. Once the rockwool is completely wet, you will take your seeds/ seedlings and plant them into the rockwool. Never let the rockwool go dry.
3. Once you start seeing roots through the rockwool, you will take the seedling that is in your rockwool and transfer it into the netpots that were provided. You must fill the remaining space in the netpot with LECA.
4. You then put the netpots with your seedlings into your hydroponic system.
The nutrient feeding chart is provided in the photos of this product.


What's inside:

1 x TDS & EC Meter

25 x Rockwool 3.6x3.6x4cm

25 x 75mm Netpots

1 x HydroBloom Hydroponic Nutrient

1 x HydroBoost Hydroponic Nutrient

1 x HydroGrow Hydroponic Nutrient

1 x LECA (HydroBall) 5 litre