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Cosmocel Mainstay Calcium 250ml

Cosmocel Mainstay Calcium 250ml

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Cosmocel Mainstay Calcium 250ml

Cosmocel Mainstay Calcium – Pure 100% organic, natural liquid Calcium.

Mainstay Calcium is a pure calcium with ZERO nitrates, sulfates or chlorides. Other calcium supplements often include unwanted / unnecessary chemicals known as counter-ions, e.g. Calcium Nitrate (CaNO3), Calcium Carbonate (Ca(CO3)2) or Calcium Chloride (CaCl2).

When using Mainstay Calcium you can rest assured, knowing that you are only adding what your plants need.

Cosmocel Mainstay Calcium is a liquid suspension with high concentration of neutralized Calcium Oxide (40% w / v), with “high speed” assimilation technology, formulated with Cosmocel Nutrishield Micro-Encapsulated technology providing a reacted ionic calcium.

Calcium in its ionic form builds stronger cell walls, which means bigger and healthier plants.
Calcium in its ionic form enhances root tip development, where nutrient uptake takes place.
Calcium also acts as a surfactant and increases water penetration in the soil profile.

Volume: 250ml bottles.

Composition: Calcium (Ca) 200 g/kg, 280g/liter


Dissolve ½ ml or up to 1 ml per liter of water and mix very VERY well.
Do Not Mix With Other Nutrients.
Indoors apply @ 10 day intervals.
Outdoors apply @ 15 day intervals.
Can be used from first roots until harvest.
Can be used in coco peat substrates, living soils and hydroponic systems. (It is recommended to agitate your nutrient reservoir to avoid settling when dosing with Mainstay Calcium.)

Keep product in dry and cool conditions.
Keep out of reach of pets and children.
Close container properly after use.
Shelf life in well-closed original packaging min. 2 years

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