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The CO2 CONTROLLER 1600PRO: A quality and affordable CO2 controller used in conjunction with CO2 cannisters and regulators to boost CO2 levels in a grow area.

The main features of this controller are:

  • Super large LCD to monitor CO2 concentration (10 000 ppm) as well as time and date.
  • Three-level indoor air quality indication system: Good, Normal, Poor.
  • High-end touch buttons.
  • Desktop or wall-mounted.
  • Remote sensor with 5 meters cable.
  • Maintenance free 2-channel Low Drift NDIR CO2 sensor.
  • Photocell sensor for separate day/night operation. This built-in photocell sensor can automatically detect
    whether it is Day or Night. It can override the CO2 control and shut off the CO2 generator or regulator by turning off the output power during the night.
  • Runs on 110V or 230V AC.
  • Connects directly to a 110V or 230V AC regulator valve.
  • Easy operation.
  • PLEASE NOTE: This unit comes with male and female earthed 2-pin plugs, so plug adaptors will be required for operation. ( Not included )
  • The unit cannot be used alongside a sulfur vaporizer. If you do wish to use a sulfur vaporizer, ensure that you remove the sensor from the affected area first.
  • Remove the sensor from your grow area before doing any foliar sprays! Do not put the sensor in a very high humidity environment.

There is great benefit to supplementing with CO2 when growing – as plants use the carbon gleaned from CO2 in the air to literally build themselves!

A detailed manual of operation for the CO2 CONTROLLER 1600PRO is available.