Clip On LED Grow Light - 20W

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Clip On LED Grow Light - 20W

For small plants, such as clones. Can also be put on a timer. Red/ Blue spectrum.


- 3/6/9/12/15 hour timer.

-5 dimmable levels.

-3 switch modes- Red, Blue or Red&Blue

-It is used great for cloning/mother plants and supplement lighting.

-High Brightness 20W LED plant lamp helps to accelerate the growth of different plants for all stages.

-The 6pcs Red LEDs are best for flowering and fruits. And the 4pcs Blue LED are Best for Promoting Stem and leaf growth.

-It has a 360 degreeĀ rotatable adjustable arm, you can easily turn in any direction and adjust the distance between the lamp and the sump.


1. Source Efficiency: 20W (10PcsX2W High Brightness LED Chip)
Drive Efficiency: 15V1A , Safe voltage,Super Energy Saving, Electricity Savings Cost!
2. LED Color: Red (620-630nm 6pcs) ; Blue(460nm 4pcs)
3. Body material: Aluminum lamp cup + Metal Hose + Metal clip